Giving Thanks

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Connecticut, just the two of us, and, Zealand and Chatra too. While we missed spending time with friends and family, we are grateful to have each other for company.

We are very lucky to have friends nearby that we can still see outside for meals or walks in the woods. Our Thanksgiving week started with a delivery of an incredible pumpkin bread from Jen. It was a treat that we savored whole week. We are very grateful to Jen and her culinary skills. We have had some fantastic bread, rolls and pretzels during the pandemic!

Jen’s pumpkin bread.

We were inspired by a colleague at work who shared her successful experience with a grilled spatchcock turkey. We followed a recipe from the New York Times that provided great instruction for removal of the backbone and for brining in buttermilk. After soaking the turkey for the recommended two-days, we opted to grill instead of roast given the warm tempeatures. To our delight, the turkey turned out beautifully and tasted great.

Spatchcock turkey on the grill

For sides, we kept things simple and had stuffing on the side, roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, steamed peas and a pumpkin pie custard for dessert. The pumpkin custard is just pie filling in a ramekin. We loved the simplicity and less filling version of pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin Pie Custard

We spent the rest of the holiday weekend doing a few home renovations, went for a hike with the Mitchell-Dignan-Spencer clan and began some Christmas preparations. On Sunday evening we enjoyed a happy hour in the glow of our new fire pit and the light of the full moon.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Full Moon and now on to ski season… THINK SNOW!

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