Even dogs celebrate Christmas…

One of Zealand’s Christmas presents this year was a piece of safety gear for when he takes long hikes in the mountains. It’s called an Airlift (made by Fido Pro) and it allows him to be carried off the mountain in the event that he gets injured far from the trailhead.

You may think this is rather unlikely, but we did have a close call with Kelsi in our younger days. We can attest that carrying a 60lb dog in your backpack isn’t very much fun!

Kelsi being ‘rescued’ in the Adirondacks many years ago…

We tested it out the Airlift in the house just to make sure that it works and fits Zealand’s long-legged physique. It seems like it is a good fit and he was happy to be carried around in style.

From now on this will be folded up and carried in our pack (along with our first aid kit, rain jackets and doggie treats) whenever we go for a long hike in the mountains. Better safe than sorry!

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